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Hot Springs Probate Litigation Attorneys

Assisting with probate disputes in Arkansas

Controversies that arise during the probate of a will or the administration of an intestate estate can frustrate beneficiaries and add to their grief. Disputes with creditors are bad enough, but in-fighting among family members can inflict deep pain during an already sorrowful time and cause rifts that last well into the future. Additionally, these conflicts lead to delays that drive up the cost of settling your loved one’s estate. Fortunately, Schnipper, Britton & Stobaugh can help. Our experienced probate attorneys have more than 100 years of combined legal experience in matters related to probate and estate administration. We skillfully litigate probate disputes to ensure that our clients’ rights are upheld and the process yields a just result.

Defending your loved one’s estate from dubious claims

Alleged creditors can come out of the woodwork, especially when a large estate is at stake. To safeguard your legacy against unwarranted claims, you need experienced probate attorneys who can rebut and disprove a would-be creditor’s assertions. The Hot Springs probate attorneys at Schnipper, Britton & Stobaugh skillfully litigate all challenges to your loved one’s estate. We ensure that only legitimate claims are honored and that disputes are resolved quickly, so that the assets of the estate are preserved for the intended beneficiaries. If your loved one’s assets are held in trust, we can assist with trust litigation services.

Good faith challenges to unscrupulous actions

The paramount purpose of probate is to ensure that the testator’s intentions are honored. Unfortunately, the will that is presented to the probate court is not always an accurate testament to what the deceased intended. Often, a person with access and influence is able to subvert the will process to enrich himself or herself. Our Hot Springs law firm has the experience to assess testamentary documents and the circumstances surrounding their creation to determine whether a case exists to challenge them. If you believe that someone exercised undue influence, or took advantage of an elderly loved one’s infirmity to have a will changed, our probate attorneys in Hot Springs can help. Don’t let a dishonest opportunist destroy your loved one’s legacy. With our experience in Hot Springs probate litigation, we can present your best case to have a suspicious will ruled invalid and your loved one’s original intentions restored.

Contact our reliable probate litigation attorneys in Hot Springs, AR

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